Concept and development of a node.js driven REST API for a photo and video based social network mobile application which includes real-time messaging, push-notifications, asynchronous uploads and queues (pub/sub) running in google’s app engine.

How do your pictures and videos compare/compete to all the others on the planet? With BESTER you will find out! Do you want to know what’s your best footage? With Bester everybody or just your friends will rank your stuff!

Find out who is the #sexiestwomanalive. Ask everybody which #newdress you should get or simply let your friends help you choose your #newglasses.


Marcel has supported us on numerous projects with his outstanding JavaScript skills. No matter if in the client using Angular or even more so in the backend where he designed and implemented cloud-hosted Express applications: With his experience and his structured approach to working Marcel was constantly delivering excellent results.

Christian Justus (Lead Developer)