Coding & Consulting since 2001

Hi, I’m a formerly freelance full-stack developer from Berlin working for Bitly Europe. Beforehand I was supporting agencies, businesses, and science projects with clean and fast performing JavaScript/#Typescript & PHP since 2001.

Whether it’s back end or front end, apps or web-based services, consulting or coding – I love to tackle complex challenges and always strive for a clearly structured product.

Here are some of my references from 20+ years of coding:

Bitly Europe (Egoditor), 4scotty, Daimler AG, Deutsche Bahn, Axel Springer, Freie Universität Berlin, rbb, JustWatch, Footbonaut, Factor-Eleven, WeSC, Leica, BUND e.V., Spar, Zalando.

Learn more about my work or let me know how I can help you.